Galloway and Luckett

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News and Updates

Galloway and Luckett are also playing at private parties and weddings and are available to schedule additional ones.

"Local guitarist, Barb Galloway, breaks the typical musical stereotypes...every ounce of passion that's in her soul, every drop of blood sweat & tears that's in her body, and every thought that marches through the corridors of her expansive mind can be found in her music, Barb Galloway need only let her music do the talking."  Core Magazine
"A Debut album worth waiting for...tastefully executed, with warm tone and a graceful melodic's clear this shy musician is most articulate with her fingers on those six strings..."  Marty Hughley, The Oregonian
"A long overnight success...a singular blen of stellar talent, balanced by ample experience, piquant shyness and penetrating lyrics produces a sound that is crisp, subtle, yet complex...with a light spice finish."  Celeste Carcy, The Woman's Journal
"Thanks for the great performance and the gift of your music."  Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber
"Galloway & Luckett captivate the crowd" Positively Entertainment
"This CD is great" Cindy hansen, KINK Radio
"Galloway expresses a shy sensuality in eloquent guitar execution..."  Carolan Gladden, The First Book of Oregon Jazz
"Barb Galloway's guitar playing is sometimes sweet, sometimes hot, and always a joy to listen to."  Holly Mulcahey, KBOO Radio
"Although Barb Galloway has performed many styles of music in her career, it is the sound of the acoustic steel-stringed guitar that has continued to capture her excitement and enthusiasm.  Any aspiring musician who hears Barb play the acoustic guitar is going to say "I want to play like that!"
Dan Miller, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Barb Galloway and Donna Luckett
McMinnville News Register September 19, 2002

McMinnville News-Register 09-19-02

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine - Barb Galloway featured in September/October 20006 edition

Galloway on guitar and mandolin; Luckett rounding out the sound on rhythm
guitar and bass present a new take on what we anticipate for the musical
styles they perform. Their soul-satisfying original music and right-on
lyrics touch our hearts and our lives with understanding and grace. These
women understand what life is about and share that wisdom and acceptance
musically, washing their audience in peace.
Galloway's guitar expertise is
not lost in the songs, but keeps the music sparkling, fresh, unexpected and
. . . perfect.

             Review written By Margaret Doran   5/9/07  Doran Productions, Mt Angel Oregon


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